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How to Keep Healthy Food Fresh and Safer with Eco Meal Prep

We take so much time and effort to prepare and cook healthy meals for our families. But it’s just as important to ensure this food is kept fresh and stored safely by minimising chemical leaching to ensure its integrity. One of the biggest risks to this is the use of plastic storage containers, especially when reheating and with use over time. Eco Meal Prep offers premium glass and stainless steel food storage solutions for safer storage of your food.

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Stainless Steel or Glass Food Containers?

Switching to plastic-free food containers has gained a lot of steam over the last decade. With glass and stainless steel being the main alternatives, how do you choose? Both containers have great advantages, like being BPA-free and long-lasting. To help you make the right decision, here's a list of pros and cons for each.

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